3 Myths about natural stone floors

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3 Myths about natural stone floors

Myth #1: Natural stone floors are expensive

Wrong. A natural stone floor is an investment. Because it’s durability, having a natural stone floor fitted in your own home or office could prove to be a very cost efficient  choice and here is why:
– natural stone floors tend to last for ten’s of years without having to be replaced or maintained
– natural stone floors are easy to maintain. Using a floor stone expert such as Stone Guru you will only have to take care of your floor once in a while.
– natural stone floors are on the same price range as wood floors. Of course we are talking about high end wood floors.

Myth #2: Natural stone floors are not suited for kitchen and bathroom flooring.

Wrong. There are so many studies out there that prove this last affirmation wrong. Natural stone floors are hard to stain, scratch or even alter with. This is why having a natural stone floor fitted in your kitchen or bathroom could prove to be a very good idea as these spaces are pron for these kind of accidents.

Myth #3: Natural stone floors so “yesterday”.

Very wrong. Almost every architect that we have spoken too said that natural stone floors are more “actual” than ever right now.  The combination of colors and possibilities make natural stone floors the top choice when building something new. With such an impressive history behind it, natural stone floors were, are and will be a very smart choice.

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