Floor Treatment Services

We aim for the biggest standards in Floor Treatment industry in the U.K. If your floor needs special attention, we are here to do just that. From daily maintenance services to more complex sealing with seals impregnators techniques, we can cover it all.

Sealants and impregnators

Your floor is alive! Natural wood and stone floors are bound for cracks because of their nature.

Even though those cracks are usual small enough to see with your naked eye, those cracks attract dust and other debris that will make your floor look old and over used. That’s why you should use sealants and impregnators and we can do that for you! By the way, we only use brands like Klindex, Fila, Bona or Avo, so there’s no doubt about the quality of the job.

Floor sealants and impregnators - Stone Guru London
Floor and stone surfaces maintenance - Stone Guru London

Daily floor maintenance

Your floor is designed to withstand thousands of footprints each month? Do you want it to look fresh and clean no matter what?

You could get in touch with us and ask for our daily, weekly or quarterly maintenance packages. We can provide out of business hours services with close to zero disruption. Five star hotels, office buildings, public institutions and exclusive shopping centers all around Central London already use our services.

Floor treatment services

Diamond grinding

There is a better way for stone floors to be brought back to life other than just taking the old out and installing a new one.

Diamond grinding is a process that uses real small diamonds to remove the damaged surface so that the clean and fresh surface beneath it can take its place.

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Diamond grinding is a preservation technique that corrects a very large variety of natural surface imperfections. This technique is often utilized on stone floors and pavements.

Most of the times, diamond grinding is typically performed in conjunction with other floor preservation and conservation techniques. Diamond grinding restores the floor by removing surface irregularities caused by poor maintenance or repeated traffic loading over time.

Diamond grinding has an immediate effect on floors: there is a significant improvement in the shine and smoothness.

Stone cleaning and sealing

Stone is a natural element, and that’s why it needs natural care. Degradation of Stone floors comes along with heavy traffic and time passing by it.

Those are the reasons why you should protect your floor by applying special sealants after a professional cleaning. We can provide the best solutions in both cleaning and protecting your floor.

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Stone is one of the most important part of any building adding not only durability but also lots of class. Stone floors are more important than other architectural elements made from the same material because they are subjected to heavy human traffic and small accidents (dropping something sharp or heavy on it).

That’s why there are two crucial methods in keeping the stone floor as good looking as it was in its first days: Professional stone cleaning and sealant treatment.

Basically what we do is:

  • Remove the upper layers of the stone using cutting edge technology and solutions.
  • Sealing the brand new surface so that time and other mechanical manipulation can’t deteriorate it.

Trust us with this. It’s better to call us than to run away and invest in a new floor.

Crystallization & Vitrification

As the name says, we can turn a normal stone floor into a crystal clear floor.

Using only the best materials and tools from Klindex together with many years of experience, your floor doesn’t stand a chance. It will shine once again! The Crystallization and Vitrification are pretty fast processes so you will have your floor in top notch condition in no time.

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Crystallization and Vitrification of the floor are processes specially designed to offer a very quick and efficient maintenance solution.

The whole process is quicker than Diamond Grinding, cheaper and very effective.

Check out our portfolio pictures to see lots of floors brought back to shine by us. Even it’s about a hotel lobby or your kitchen floor, the process by itself is the same: quick and effective.

Wood Sanding and Sealing

Wood floors are very popular since the beginning of flooring. It’s because wood has lots of properties which makes it the perfect solution when it comes to building a space to live and work in.

As other natural elements, woods needs special attention and maintenance and we, Stone Guru can provide the best cleaning, restoration and maintenance for it.

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Once in a while it’s a great idea to get your wood floor sanded and sealed with special sealants. This is done (as in the case of stone floors) mainly to restore the woods natural glamour and to prevent further degradation.

As said before, we use special substances and top of the art tools (mainly from Klindex) to bring your wood floor back to life and back to its original looks.

We are experts in wood sanding and you should ask for a free quote right now. Your floor will thank you afterwards.