Floor Restoration Company

We aim for the biggest standards in Floor Treatment industry in the U.K. If your floor needs special attention, we are here to do just that. From daily maintenance services to more complex sealing with seals impregnators techniques, we can cover it all.

Who we are


We are a Floor restoration Company from London. Over the years have brought to live floors in both residential and commercial properties. Our story stared years ago in Italy. There is no other place on earth that treats stone like the Italians do. Mihai, the founder of Stone Guru started as an apprentice in one of the most notorious companies, Klindex.

floor restoration company
floor restoration company

The story

While he had gained lots of experience to the point he was named as a trainer for floor treatment specialists he always was fascinated by UK’s architecture. That’s why he moved to London five years ago and started Stone Guru – UK’s Floor restoration Company.

Why work with Stone Guru the Floor restoration Company

Using only premium materials and tools made by Klindex, Stone Guru has managed over the years to bring back to live floors made out of marble, concrete, terrazzo, granite, slate and the list could go on.

The most iconic and notorious places in London like Selfridges, Harrods, Shard, Albert, Victoria Museum and many Victorian houses, all had benefited from Stone Guru’s excellent treatment.

floor restoration company
Stone Guru - London's floor treatment specialists

Let's get in touch!

Look at your floor as an investment. A fresh restored floor will bring more value not only for you but also for whoever is stepping on it by creating that feeling that we have when we get in contact with a fresh, clean and new thing.

Your floor needs us and you know it. Just get in touch with us by using the button bellow and you will be amazed by our skills.

Klindex Certificate - Floor Treatment Specialist

Klindex, the best quality Italy has to offer

With more than 20 years of experience and innovation in the machine cleaning industry, Klindex is one of the most notorious brands there is. Klindex is the #1 supplier for our Floor restoration Company. Klindex has many certifications and awards, but one of the most important is: certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 for “DESIGN, PRODUCTION, SALE OF CLEANING AND GRINDING MACHINES”.

Stone Guru London is certified by Klindex as we represent all their beliefs and company values. Read more about Klindex right here.

Klindex Floor Treatment Specialist