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Marble cleaning Introduction

We are Stone Guru. We’ve invented and promoted the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfStone
The reason behind that hashtag is that we truly love stone floors, especially marble. On today’s blog post we will show you the beauty of marble seen by us

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Marble cleaning

We’ve talked about marble and it’s properties in our blog posts before. All you need to do is take a quick read at our blog section to find out more. Still, to read about marble and actually seeing it, it’s a big difference. Bellow is one of the pictures taken at the beginning of 2018, in London. And yes, that’s a fully restored marble floor.

Marble restoration

The process of marble restoration should be left with the professionals. It took us long hours of work and training to comprehend the meaning of using the right tools and machinery in order for us to get the best results when it comes to marble restoration. Remember, this is an art form and you wouldn’t want Picasso’s apprentice drawing your next painting….you would like the master himself to do it. Wouldn’t you? Here’s a picture from a job we’ve done in March 2018


A great looking floor, will make any living space looking spectacular. Also, a clean looking floor means less germs and bacteria. Marble can be both healthy and great looking. Did we already mention that this marble looks perfect? Job done in January 2018

clean marble in london

London is by far one of the most important cities in Great Britain. Not just for the millions of tourists coming in every year but for the great architectural landscapes. One of the most used natural elements is marble and it needs to be cleaned once in a while. We’ve taken our jobs seriously and delivered the sample you see bellow. Job done in December 2017.

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