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Marble restoration – Why it’s important?

Marble is a natural stone that has special needs. It needs to be well maintained in order to preserve it’s looks over time.

Marble restoration is a process that should be done by specialists because a marble surface be treated as an investment.

If you care about your marble surface you should use only the best materials in order to restore it. We do poses those kind of materials.

What kind of marble restoration services can we provide for you:

Marble Floor restoration
Marble Counter-top restoration
Marble Stairs restoration
Marble Polish services

Marble restoration for all your needs

It doesn’t matter what kind of marble surface you need restored. We are well equipped with all the tools, machinery, expertise and substances to bring back to it’s original looks even the most dull and scratched marble.
Get in touch with us and we will do our best to offer you the solution that will best accommodate your request and we will do it as soon as possible.

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Glass wine on marble floor

Here is some marble restoration work we’ve done

Marble Restoration - Italian Embassy
Marble Restoration - Ealing
Marble Restoration - Hermes
Marble Restoration - Colmo Square
Marble Restoration - Harrods
Marble Restoration - BPL

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StoneGuru.London Marble Restoration

Marble restoration is a process that should be left with professionals. The use of natural marble in the interior of your house or office is an investment that will guarantee many years of beautiful design. We could say that there’s nothing more luxurious and charming as a marble surface.

Marble floor restoration: why should you do it? As said before on this very webpage, marble is a great looking stone but also one that tends to get dirty, scratched and dull looking. The only way to make it look as new again is to either try and restore it yourself which will probably be a very painful process, or to get some specialized workers to do it for you. As silly as it sounds, restoring marble isn’t that expensive as one might think.

Restoring marble since 2006! Yes, Stone Guru has been restoring all kinds of marble surfaces in the past ten years. We’ve done it in Italy and we are doing it on a regular basis in the UK as well.
We are an London based company and all of our team is very well educated in order to undertake any challenge that might come it’s way.

You might wonder: “Is there a marble floor restoration service near me?” The answer is Yes! We can go wherever you want us in order to get that marble looking brand new again! All you have to do is get in touch with our friendly staff by using the contact form above.
Stone Guru LTD is the number one choice when it comes to marble restoration and all other types of natural stone surfaces. We’ve managed to build a pretty solid reputation for us and that’s because our team is dedicated to give the most when it comes to the end result.
All of our stone surface services are performed by a very well trained team. Our workers have gone to several courses and lots of work hours so that we can guarantee that they all are professionals when it comes to marble restoration and other stone surface restoration.

Places like the Heathrow airport, Graff Diamonds, Wellcome Trust or even Hermes had already benefited from our expertise. Lots of private held houses had as well been taken care of our team. We would love to talk about our portfolio in a private meeting.
Here it is. If you had the patience to read as far as this sentence, we want to thank you and we hope that we will get to hear about your marble floor or surface.

Here’s what our clients say about us:
Highly recommend! We will definitely use Stone Guru again for many of our projects in the future, excellent service and the whole team was very professional and efficient. The marble in our property looks great again! Thank you so much! – Steven Chapple”

I’ve called Stone Guru LTD for some marble cleaning. They we’re recommended to me by a very close friend of mine that had his all stone floor in his house restored by these guys. Back to the marble…I’ve called them upon cleaning and restoring 12 square meters of some old floor that I had in my house. Let me tell you, they went above and beyond and did the job right in no time.
Highly recommend them! – Martin Johans”

Our office marble floor was looking dull and old. I’ve went searching over the internet for a London based company that could take care of our marble floor at a reasonable price. I’ve come across Stone Guru and Mihai and I was very pleased to find a hard working team that gives it’s best to make their customers want to come back for more of their services.
Great job they did. Thank you so much Stone Guru. – Natalia Screpnic”

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