Marble Floor Restoration

We are experts when it comes to Marble Floor Restoration

Not only we are very well equipped to undertake any type of marble floor restoration job, but we do have an extensive experience with marble floors. You can either see our portfolio with before and after pictures, or you could read ahead about the marble floor restoration process. For a faster interaction with us, please do call us: 07587079606, 02082266077 or send an email to or use the contact form bellow and we will reply as soon as possible,

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Marble Floor Restoration

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What types of marble floor can we restore?

Well, the answer to this is quite vast because with our tools from Klindex, there’s basically no type of marble that we can restore to it’s old days. Black marble, white marble, cream or red marble can be restored by us and we’ve done it all during the last years.

Machinery and tools we use for marble restoration

As stated above, we are equipped with professional marble restoration machinery and tools provided by Klindex Italy.
Klindex is among the biggest and notorious stone restoration and maintenance machinery providers in the whole world. During the marble floor restoration process we will use diamond metal pads attached to the corespondent rotary machine in order to achieve the best look.

Our expertise with marble

We, at Stone Guru are very proud to say that we’ve restored some of the most notorious marble in London. We’ve worked with both very big and notorious companies but also have given the opportunity to restore some private held marble floors in downtown or the suburbs. Either-way, we are glad to say that our experience grows each day and that’s because we do restore at least one marble floor each week and have been doing so for the last years.

Get in touch –  How it works

The process is quite simple. Either you are going to use the contact us form above or the one on the contact page, either you can call us or write an email directly. If we receive your email, we will ask you some short questions to determine the degree of damage of your marble floor. After that, we will schedule a quick visit to better asses the job and afterwords we will get to it. Please do bare in mind that during some times, we are overbooked and will take us some good 6 to 12 hours to get a chance to reply to your message. If you need to reach us quickly, just go ahead and call.
Thank you in advance for your patience.

Here’s some of our marble floor restoration actual work