Marble floor restoration and all other stone floor services. We are:

Stone Guru

At Stone Guru we are specialized in offering marble floor restoration services and other natural stone and wood surface restoration and conservation solutions to commercial and residential projects.

We have a solid background in offering a genuine professional service to all our customers and we are proud to receive very good feedback from some of the most iconic buildings in London and the UK.


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Outstanding floor services

The floor is one essential part of any habitat, both for the interior design and for contributing to the comfort residence needs to offer. As it is the most trafficked part of any space, the floor has to be properly designed and carefully chosen for any habitat in order to achieve the best results.

Natural elements offer the best solutions for durable and smart looking floors, and the most popular among them are natural stone and wood. Both of them, if designed properly and made of quality essence, can serve well for a very long period of time, and can be restored regularly to their original state.

Stone Guru Ltd  was created from passion for the marble floorsnatural stone floors, and we are proudly offering natural stone and wood floors restoration in Greater London and surrounding counties.

Why is it a good idea to care for your stone surfaces?


Commercial or Residential Floors, we can and will take proper care of them!

Marble Cleaning

We love floors and that’s the reason we are constantly improving both our tools and machinery and as well our knowhow. We are specialists when in comes to floors and our top priority is to make all of them look as new.

Marble Restoration

If it’s marble, we’re up to it

Marble cleaning, marble restoration, concrete grinding, terrazzo restoration, limestone restoration, granite restoration, and the list could go on forver. We are specialists that really know their stuff when it comes to stone floors. Care to test our skills?

Marble Cleaning Pricing

We would love to say: “It will cost you X GBP/Sq. metter.” but that would be very very wrong and unprofessional from our part.
The best way to approach marble cleaning and other surfaces cleaning and restoration in general is to first evaluate the condition of the surface and to work together with you on a final price.

The only thing that we can promise is that once we’ve taken the job we will go over our heads for you to be fully satisfied with the end result.
Our clients that had already rated us all over the internet can vouch for what we’ve just said.

Our main services

Floor Cleaning

There’s no better way than to let your floor be cleaned by genuine specialists. You could do it yourself but we think that once in a while your floor needs special substances and proper machinery and manpower in order to be fully cleaned.

Floor Restoration

Our main focus is on stone floors such as: marble floors, travertine floors, granite and concrete floors, limestone floors, etc. Still, since we’ve developed the hashtag: #ForTheLoveOfStone, we couldn’t be indifferent to all types of floors.

Other floor services

If there are other tasks to be fulfilled in order for you to get a brand new and shiny floor, chances are that we can handle those as well. Grouting and re grouting, old latex striping or sanding are such types of tasks that we can perform.

What Our Customers Say

A Great Find

“Can’t believe how fast and professional the Stone Guru team is. Highly recommend”

– Johnathan C.

Amazing Service

“The best of the best. My marble floor looks brand new once again. Cheers!”

– Mary K.

Great experience!

“Our shop floor was old and dull. Now it’s new and shiny. You can see it in the Oxford St. area”

– Michael P.

They make scratches disappear

“My floor was so scratched…Oh my God. Now it looks like new. Thank you so much.”

– Emily S.