DIY Tips for Cleaning your Stone Floor

So you are a proud owner of a great stone floor. Still, stone floors require a deep clean and reseal from time to time because they can lose their luster. If you are in the business of DIY, here are some tips for cleaning stone floors just like yours.

First of all you will need to get ready for the whole process. Here is a list of what you will need in order to proper clean your stone floor.

1.      A bucket
2.      A mop
3.      Rubber gloves (one pair should do it)
4.      Long-handled squeegee
5.      Scrubbing brushes and some cloths
6.      Stone Floor cleaning products (please use premium ones).

Stone Floor Cleaning

Now, that you are ready to go full steam ahead, the next step is to start by removing all the dirt in all the cracks in your stone floor.

You will have to use the stone floor cleaning products and with a brush, start scrubbing until there are no more visible scratches. It will take you some time to do it, but the process will leave you with a great looking, almost like new stone floor.

After you are done with all the scrubbing, use some warm water and the mop to get all the excess cleaning products out. Give the stone floor at least two passing’s and let it dry.

Now it’s time to take care of your freshly cleaned stone floor.

You will need to seal it so the dirt will stay away from it.  You will need to have some stone floor sealing solution that is often found at the hardware store. Start by applying the amount of sealant recommended by its producer. Afterwords, using the long-handled squeegee, spread evenly the whole solution on your entire stone floor.
Let it dry and repeat if necessary.

stone-cleaning-sealingAnyone can clean and seal a stone floor. It’s a time consuming process but the results are more than satisfying. If you don’t want to clean your stone floor all by yourself and need a specialist to do it for you (the process involves other mechanical technologies), you can give us a call at 07587079606 | 02082266077  or send us an email using this form.

Good luck!