Marble wall restoration

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Marble wall restoration

This week we were hired to to some marble wall restoration.
The place is a old but very well preserved house in Westerns lane. 
The owner wanted to restore his black marble walls as they were looking dull, old and were scratched.
He called us and wanted us to restore the marble wall so good that it would look as new.

Here’s what we’ve done:

Marble wall restoration – black marble

First, we’ve done some diamond grinding using our specialized tools. After the wall regained it’s look we’ve done a 400 grid finish for an outstanding final look. See the marble wall restoration process in the pictures bellow:

This was a single day process carried out by our team.
After cleaning the walls and inspecting it using our “marble wall restoration gadgets” we’ve decided on what kind of materials and mechanical processes should be used.

The end result is a clean, “as new” looking surface that shines and brings beauty to the rooms in which the walls are in.

This client also wanted us to do some stone floor grinding. For that process we’ve used yet again our specialized machinery and substances, finishing off with 800 grit.

If you are looking for a specialist to restore your marble walls or floor, you could just give us a sign and we will do our best to accommodate your request as soon as possible.

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